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A fully managed school is where RAM Leisure takes over full responsibility for the direct provision of school uniform to the parent or guardian of a participating school.
This system relieves the school from holding expensive stock, the headache of collecting money not to mention the bulky storage, but most importantly this system can reduce the administrative tasks considerably and free up valuable time that could be much better spent on more essential school duties.
RAM Leisure constantly monitors stock levels quickly replacing those sold giving confidence to any parent or guardian that there will be a school garment waiting for them when needed.
We believe that the fully managed system will work best with schools that are in the locality of our premises.
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Although this website ( has been produced by RAM Leisure exclusively for our fully managed schools and garments can be purchased online we know from experience that parents and their children like to see and touch and try the garments on for the perfect size.
In fact it is more often than not a family occasion and with free parking outside the front door it couldn't be easier.
Unfortunately, with the current Covid restrictions some of these expectations can be difficult to fulfil, however, our very experienced safe will endeavour to make the experience as pleasant as possible.


When deciding on a uniform policy, all schools are expected to give high priority to cost considerations and RAM Leisure recognises and agrees with this.
We are an independent school uniform supplier and unlike countless other providers that are beholden to just one source we have access to and can supply practically any garment of your choice from thousands of options at the most competitive price.
We can also manufacture to your specifications.
You as the school will have to provide us with the parameters relating to the products that are required and we will source the most appropriate cost effective solution for your needs and provide samples for your consideration.
Once you have decided which garment you prefer at the price that is agreeable and you are happy to join us, we will arrange to stock your uniform and include you on our website from the date that you instruct us to do so.
If you are interested in this offer and would like more information or advise please call us on 01978 360360 or email us with your enquiry.

We hope this page was helpful and of interest.